Development of a Training Program for Enhancing the Adaptation of Plastic SMEs Business Models to Industry 4.0

4zeroPlast is a funded project in the Call: “Erasmus+ 2018 KA2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices – Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training”.

The project started in November, 2018 and will be finished by April 2021.


4zeroPlast is aimed at increasing the competences of Managers of the Plastic lndustry SMEs about how to evaluate and plan the applicability of lndustry 4.0 to their business through an innovative training program.

The project objectives are:

Understanding the applicability

of Industry 4.0 technologies to Plastic SMEs

Evaluating the impact

of Industry 4.0 technologies in the Business Model of Plastic SMEs

Developing innovation plans

for the implementation of Industry 4.0 in Plastic SMEs


European Plastics lndustry is at the beginning of a new industrial revolution, “Industry 4.0”, which will force the sector to rapid changes in design, manufacture, operation and service of manufacturing systems and products.

For a successful adaptation to the lndustry 4.0 framework, Managers of Plastic lndustry must evaluate its impact on their companies, adapt its Business Model and develop a medium term lnnovation Strategic Plan for the implementation of the proper and applicable innovations.


4zeroPlast Project provides:

Methodological Guide

A guide will be developed to help managers to identify and use methodologies and tools to evaluate the applicability of lndustry 4.0 to their business.

Training Package

A Training Package will be developed to help Managers of Plastic SMEs in evaluating and planning the applicability of lndustry 4.0 to their business. This package consists of a complete training course, made of video pills and in-depth resources, accessible through an application that will guide the user in planning its own personalized training program.

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Easy, intuitive, free

The free App will help the user to navigate through the contents of Industry 4.0 implementation


Anywhere, anytime

The e-learning Platform will be accessible from both desktop computers and portable devices



The user will be guided by the App to generate a personalised report containing lndustry 4.0 lnnovation Recommendation


4zeroPlast training is designed specifically for Managers of Plastic SMEs, because decision-making process of Managers is the key for the implementation of lndustry 4.0.

Managers of Plastic lndustry SMEs will fulfill their lack of basic knowledge, skills and tools in the following fields:

  • applications of technologies to their processes;
  • potential impact in their business;
  • Strategic lnnovation Management.

They will then be able to evaluate the effect of their company adaptation to Industry 4.0 on their business.